3 Ways To Get Through Tough Times

[ R. Alexandra de Silva ]

“Life is a series of peaks and valleys”

We all go through many highs and lows in life. And most times when you hit those lows, keeping one’s head above water can prove to be difficult. However, just like many of us facing a storm, we need to know that just as many of us will come out the other side of it. I believe that with the right tools and perspective on the situation at hand we can all move towards overcoming these times.

“How do we get through tough times?”

“…and for various reasons, I find comfort, beauty, inspiration, reassurance. At a time when the ground is shifting beneath us, we need to continue to find ways of living our best lives, and for me, there is no best life without books.” Oprah

With all the negativity looming around us we can so easily fall into the trap of darkness and isolation, sometimes even forced isolation. Something we can all practice when we find ourselves in isolating circumstances is to find companionship with books to uplift you. Books read in season will most certainly speak to you. Especially the books that pull you out of ruts and give you hope. Use this time to enhance your mind, don’t leave room for worry and wallow because it brings no good.

“Gratitude Erases Negativity”  Steve Harvey

It really is as simple as that if you try. Shifting your focus from what’s going wrong and focusing on what’s going right. Finding the ability to focus on the good in your life and not the bad. Keeping updated with the news is good but limit yourself there’s so much negativity in the news if you listened to it all day it would constantly be bringing you down and filling your headspace with negativity. Before you even turn on the news or read the news find 10 things to be grateful for. The simplest one is the fact that we have woken up and been given another day to live, that in itself is a beautiful gift to be grateful for. Choose to fill yourself with more gratitude than negativity. For every negative thing, you hear or encounter find three things to be grateful for. Leave yourself in a more positive state.

Famous words,” laughter is the best medicine”. We have all heard it but do we practice it. Maya Angelou, renowned author, and human rights activist was once asked in an interview “what advice do you have for young people growing up today?” to which she responded

“To laugh as much as possible. Always laugh; it is the sweetest thing one can do for oneself and one’s fellow human being.”

She further went on to explain that when even those of us in the most difficult of situations encountered someone laughing, that laughter had the uncanny power of infecting others and lessening a person’s burden. So choose to laugh in the face of adversity. Lift your spirits up and surround yourself with good people and good humour. Laugh to ease your burden and laugh to ease those of the ones around you. Find your joy as you allow laughter to truly be your medicine.

To recap ways to get through tough times.
1. Read books that bring you hope. Check out Oprah’ list here
2. Practice gratitude more than negativity
3. Laugh and find joy once again

Use these three simple yet effective ways to get yourself out of a rut. Take the advice of these strong individuals as they too have undergone challenges and come out on the other side using some of these steps. Know that tough times hit us all and that you are not alone.