5 Simple Ways To Practice Mindfulness

wake up positively

[ By R. Alexandra ]

With the rush of our own lives and of the worlds, we can find ourselves in a position of just going with the flow of chaos. You wake up and before you know it, you are rushing out the door, traffic is a mess, someone’s rubbed you the wrong way on your way to work, and all of a sudden your day is just heading down a downward spiral of negativity.

Being in a position like this is never ideal, but the truth is we all find ourselves there more often than not. However, the great thing about the practice of mindfulness, is that it allows you to come back to your center, and does not allow you to stay in that place of negativity.

1. Wake Up With Intention

Being purposeful about how you want your day to go is important. Rather than just letting your day happen to you, choose how you would prefer it to look. Set the tone yourself. Start by sitting up on the edge of your bed and just breathe. Don’t go straight to your phone this is a habit we are all accustomed to, but now it’s time to reshape our old habits and be more intentional. Even if it is for 30 seconds, visualize a bright and positive day, with a great ending. By doing so, you are sending your neuro pathways the ability to counter the negativity that you experience throughout the day. This practice will aid in helping you find a different perspective.

2. Don’t Let Your Mind Wonder

“A negative mind will never give you a positive life” – unknown. This statement could not be truer. There have been many times that I have found myself having a great day, and all of a sudden as I am driving a negative thought or situation will just pop into my head, and before you know it one leads to the other, and all of a sudden I am filled with worry, fear, and discouragement, convincing myself I can’t. This happens when we are not mindful of our thoughts. Over the years, I’ve learnt that it is so important to be in control of your thoughts. When I find myself experiencing a negative thought, I immediately say three positive affirmations to remind myself to hold on to the good.

3. Eat Mindfully

I recently watched an old movie called, “The mirror has two faces”, starring Barbara Streisand and Jeff Bridges. In the film, her character relishes in every bite of food, and it brings her such joy. It reminded me that though eating may seem routine, it is in fact, a beautiful act yet, we all take it for granted. Food in many situations is a luxury for people. But food is also what keeps our life going. We take this gift of food and consumption so lightly, whereas we should be relishing in the gratitude that we can partake in meals that not only feed us but sustain and continue to give us life. The next time you eat, stop, look, and take in what’s in front of you, savour every bite, and eat peacefully.

4. Stop And Breathe

This next practice of mindfulness is to stop and breathe. This is a quick practice you can do at any time of the day to help relieve yourself from stress. Simply by stopping, closing, your eyes, and counting to 10. When you actually stop and fully live in the moment of 10 seconds, you realize how long it is. This practice though simple can significantly change your inner state of being.

5. Keep Your Phone Away

There is so much to be grateful for throughout the entire day. Rather than relaxing by disconnecting from the world through your phone and social media. Try putting your phone out of reach by staying present in the moment. Take in your surroundings intentionally. Listen to what people are saying around you live in the moment by being connected.

These five simple mindful practices can enhance your life in more ways than one when it is coupled with consistency. Don’t wait to start tomorrow, if you have come to the end of this article simply take that time out and start with one of the above practices. Waste no time, and be mindful!