A Homeschool Syllabus at Your Own Pace

The ACE Homeschooling curriculum is one of the syllabus utilized by Brain Connection to take children; both neurotypical and those with special needs, into a higher level of education wherein, the child may learn according to their own individual pace and graduate with a diploma upon completion. And while there may be many homeschooling centers currently in Malaysia, Brain Connection does things a little differently.

In Brain Connection, we have certified administrators and supervisors from School of Tomorrow that are equipped with the ability to teach all grades as well as create real-life applications with the knowledge being learned through the ACE Homeschooling syllabus.

Using the ACE Homeschooling curriculum, students learn goal setting, accountability, and self-motivation alongside the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, and Word Building being taught. Students using the ACE Homeschooling curriculum are also self-learning in that the set up requires only them and the syllabus in order to learn. Administrators and supervisors are present only to aid the child if they are unable to grasp the learning concept, but otherwise the syllabus itself is designed in order to cultivate learning out of the child without the need for a formal classroom setting.

The ACE Homeschooling curriculum also emphasizes Christian values into the syllabus. And while not every child or family may be of the Christian faith themselves, Brain Connection utilizes this as an opportunity to teach our students about values and having a good morals in their day to day lives.

One of the many reasons why we at Brain Connection love using the ACE Homeschooling curriculum is its flexibility for the child to work at their own pace. This means that the child can be working faster or slower than their age grade level in accordance to their own individual cognitive levels. This accommodates well to children with special needs, slower learners, and well as to the children who may be gifted in academics.

We also incorporate other learning faculties alongside ACE in order to create a holistic learning experience for every child. Some of the other learning classes include office management, computer learning, food and beverage preparation, sex education, neurodevelopmental gym programs, and many others. These additional classes ensure that each one of our students not only develop themselves in their academics, but also in practical life skills that they could employ outside of the classroom.

The ACE Homeschooling curriculum is also one that is greatly recognized here in Malaysia as being an equivalent to other learning systems such as IGCSE and A or O levels once they are in the higher grades. And should parents want to send their child onto a higher education program in a college or university, the transition can be made with ease with School of Tomorrow providing an accredited certificate of completion and Brain Connection creating a detailed transcript of all work being done by the student.

The average day of an ACE student begins with a time of introductory play with all children and teachers, followed by neurodevelopmental exercises in the gym. After a quick snack, the students then head on over to their individual work stations where they then begin to work on their studies based on their goals set the previous day. Each page of work done requires self-scoring by the child and occasional oral tests administered by the supervisors. When goals are completed, students head on over to the communal area for lunch and subsequently begin classes in functional and pre-vocational skills. Before the end of a schooling day, each student sets their goals for the next day, gauging how much work they can achieve and setting themselves up for the upcoming goal.

Each task and class awards merit points for achievements and good behavior as deemed by our supervisors and administrators who have a working background with children of low and high support needs. These merit points are then exchanged for goodies such as toys, snacks and privileges that are given out at the merit sale conducted at each year’s quarter. This is one way we ensure that our students remain motivated.

Brain connection prides itself with creating an avenue for all children to learn both academically as well as through kinetic hands-on skills. Thus enabling us to set our students up for success as they graduate and take on the world on their own.