5 Hobbies That Nourish Your Body, Mind, & Soul


[ By R. Alexandra ]

Over the years, I have come to realize the reason kids are so carefree is not that they don’t have worries, in some shape or form they do. However, for the most bit, they are just having fun. Their lives are filled with fun, calming, and exciting activities that relax them and allow them to cope with their worries. However, as we mature into adulthood, we dim the light on our playfulness and inhibit ourselves from participating in activities that are surprisingly still beneficial even at an older age that relieve us from stress.

Here Are 5 Simple Hobbies That You Can Try Out To Help Nourish Your Body, Mind, And Soul.

1. Baking

I’m sure as a little kid you probably lit up at the smell of something being baked fresh in the oven, I certainly did. But more than just treating yourself to the indulgence of a baked good, you should try baking something yourself. Baking is known to many as ‘an exact’ science that requires detailed attention to measurements and methods. When you have this type of focus when doing something it allows you to alleviate your mind from the worry of the world, giving you time off even if it’s for a couple of hours.

2. Get Creative

Painting isn’t just for Picasso and Pollock. Purchase some paints and canvases and start creating your own little masterpiece. Painting has many benefits which include aiding in emotional expression, the strengthening of memory, the promotion of optimistic attitudes and so much more. If painting is too tedious, try enrolling in a pottery class, take up knitting, or crochet. Find time to get your creative juices flowing.

3. Write

There will be moments in life where it all gets too much. You may feel overwhelmed and trapped like there’s no way out. Instead of drawing back into a shell, try writing. Having the habit of expressing yourself through the written word, whether it is journaling about life and its ups and downs, or if it is writing and creating an alternate universe through creative writing. Use this readily available tool and express yourself. This simple hobby allows your mind to gain some clarity as you put pen to paper. And say on the off chance you send it to a publisher, you never know you may just become the next J.K Rowling.

4. Gardening

Developing a relationship with nature is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Gardening is a fun activity that physically keeps you fit as it keeps your body in motion. Mentally it has many soothing benefits as it calms your mind to be in and around greenery. Working in the garden with the morning sun, enjoying the sights and smells of the plants and flowers gets your endorphins going and brings out the positive side of you. Tending to plants is definitely good for our stressed soul. 

5. Sports

Physical activity is a great hobby to have. All you need to do is find a sport that you enjoy doing. Movement has many health benefits to the mind, body, and soul. Breaking a sweat has proven to release positive hormones in our body leaving us feeling happier. Doing sports as a hobby also reduces loneliness as you can find a community of people that share and practice in the same interest. 

Having hobbies helps us all take a break and get away from the craziness of life. They are purposeful and give you more to look forward to in life. Hobbies can challenge you to develop into better versions of yourself both mentally and physically while keeping things exciting and playful. We all have that inner child in us craving some attention maybe hopping on the hobby train is exactly what you need.