Calm Your Soul Today


[ By Terry Saw ]

Are you looking to invite a little calmness into your life, but not quite sure where to begin?

Fret not – we’ve rounded up a mini RealityCheck wellness guide featuring three quick yet practical soul-calming ideas you can try out in your own time and at your own pace because we know exactly how intense your daily schedules and busy lives can get. And the best part? These ideas are absolutely free, so all you need to do is make some time and commit to the intention of showing up – for yourself – starting today.

Whenever you’re ready, just sit back, relax and press play. And breathe…

1.  Find What Feels Good: Yoga with Adriene

Whether you’re completely new to the practice, an aspiring yogi or a self-trained pro, host and yoga extraordinaire Adriene Mishler from the U.S. is your go-to guide, who is more than happy to meet you where you’re at, all in the comfort of your very own living room.

One of most beloved fitness YouTubers in the health and wellness scene, Adriene provides her over 8 million subscribers everything from quick 10-minute yoga fixes to disrupt an intense day to longer sessions for more restorative practices to wind down after a challenging day, so you can pick and choose exactly what works for you and your schedule.

What we also love is Adriene’s ‘find what feels good’ approach, which is more about understanding and appreciating our bodies and where they are today, rather than about cranking into intimidating postures and poses that may not serve our best needs. Now, slow down, stretch and feel your stress melt away…

RC Says: With regular practice, yoga does not only improve your focus and posture, but aids with better circulation in the body to help you sleep better at night too. The Harvard Health reports that over 55% who practice yoga have experienced improved sleep quality over time.

2.  Meditation 101: How You Can Be Ten Percent Happier Today

It all started with a panic attack in 2004, which was broadcasted live on national television before going viral for American ABC News Journalist, Dan Harris, which ultimately led him down a long but intentional journey to discovering meditation.

From a skeptic to now avid meditator himself, Dan is a walking testimonial after having experienced first-hand how his meditation practices helped him recover from substance abuse, anxiety and depression whilst helping him manage other aspects of his addictive personality.

Fast forward to the present, Dan is now the founder of an extremely successful meditation empire and founder of meditation app called Ten Percent Happier featuring some of the best meditation experts and teachers around the world, which aims to help more people in the world manage their ‘monkey minds’ and equip them with the tools to live more intentional lives – sounds good? We think so too!

RC Tip: If you’re still unsure if meditation is the calming answer to your chaotic mind, Ten Percent Happier also offers a free trial session of their app you can try it out anywhere, anytime, before committing to a more permanent subscription plan – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

3. Practice Mindfulness: Join The Mindful Kind Community

A self-confessed introvert, young Aussie author, speaker and award-winning podcaster, Rachael Kable is spearheading a new wave in the Mindfulness movement with her quiet confidence and a hint of authentic, down-to-earth charm.

To those new to the practice of Mindfulness, it is simply put – an invaluable form of cultivating strong self and mental awareness, and how to be fully present living in the now (not in the past nor worrying about the future because let’s be honest, they’re both out of our hands!) The more you incorporate Mindfulness into your life, the more you’ll experience visible changes in yourself as a result of simple daily practices, which can tremendously shift and improve your life in ways you never imagined.

Through her growing podcast and aesthetically-pleasing blog, Rachael also offers plenty of free material and mindfulness how-tos from her personal struggles and shares how Mindfulness has guided her back into the light.

RC Recommends: Mindfulness is also a great practice to cultivate in children and young adults, and we recommend The Mindful Kind as a great entry point not just for self-improvement and to strengthen your bond with your family members, but also as a great tool to enhance relationships with ones around you.