10 Things To Do With Your Kids During COVID-19


[ By R. Alexandra ]

With social distancing and movement orders still in place it can prove difficult to keep your child entertained and occupied when they are with you most of the times. As parents, you are probably frazzled and no longer have a clue on what to do with your kids. Well, don’t call it quits just yet. Here‘s a list of activities that I have rounded up to help you and your kids get through this trying time.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Yes, scavenger hunts are usually done outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do one indoors. There are many ways to tweak a scavenger hunt to best suit your situation like a movement scavenger hunt, a shape scavenger hunt, and much more. However, if you have that luxury incorporate the outdoors into your daily activities do so as much as possible.

2. Host A Party

This is being said with extreme caution. I’m not saying invite people over but consider throwing a party for the family. Pick a day and make it special, you can use this day to make it an educational and cultural experience for the kids. Select a country like Japan and make it a day about learning about the history and culture of that place. You can get your kids to draw their flag and maybe even create costumes. They can learn new words or greetings from the language and practice them for the day. And in the evening they can help meal prep snacks and dinner centered on Japanese cuisine. It will leave a lasting memory for you and the kids.

3. One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

Take this opportunity to let the creative juices flow and maybe even de-clutter. Get the kids to round up stuff they aren’t using and are ready to bin and turn it into something new. Give each kid 5 minutes to create the new ‘product’ and have them present it to the rest of the family. This activity teaches them how to be creative and think outside of the box, turning trash to treasure. You can even get them to market their products by creating a commercial for Facebook and Instagram. Who knows, some kind people might be interested and the kids might even gain some sales?

4. Obstacle Course Training

Create an obstacle course in your home at a convenient location and have your kids work their way through till the end. These types of activities encourage your child to problem-solve and physically get moving. These activities are not only fun but they also tire your kids out, giving you a break.

5. Virtual Field Trips

You may not be able to catch those holidays you’ve been planning with the kids this year, but that doesn’t mean they can’t experience some of the art and culture from different cities around the world. Google Art & Culture has joint forces with various museums globally to bring to you virtual tours of their galleries. Check them out through this list.

6. Slime Time

Slime is super easy to make, lots of fun, and seriously messy in the wrong places but fear not since all the ingredients are machine washable it’s a quick fix. Slime is a great activity for kids; it has several benefits, such as mindfulness, independence, and focus. It encourages kids to be fully present with what they are doing teaching them independent play and concentration. This distracts them from things like TV and other electronics. Slime has a calming effect that has also proven to help adults relieve stress. As messy as it can be, slime is a win for all.

7. Camp In

You may not get to go into the great outdoors but you can certainly turn bedtime into a fun camping experience. You don’t even need to buy a tent. Simply rustle up a few pieces of linen move some furniture around and build a tent. Turn all the lights off and use flashlights to get around. Make the experience fun by creating a fake campfire and “toast” your food on skewers. Be creative and just have some fun.

8. Minute To Win It

These man vs clock games are always a great hit with people of all ages. The game includes several different physical challenges that will be required to be completed in a minute. Make this game time exciting by handing out medals or even prizes at the end.
Some examples that you can try out are:

Face The Cookie

Each person has a cookie placed on their forehead and will somehow need to manoeuver the cookie into their mouth in a minute without using their hands. The first person who gets there or the person who has it closest to their mouth before the minute is up wins.

Defying Gravity

Each player will be given 3 balloons which they will have to keep from touching the ground while the clock is running. Don’t let gravity win and you gain a point!

Suck It Up

In this game, participants have to transfer M & M’s from one plate to another using just a straw. Participants with the most amount of transferred treats wins.

Try some of these fun activities and you won’t be disappointed.

9. Cook With Your Kids

“Children are more open to trying new foods if they have opportunities to explore and learn about the food before they eat it”, says Shonda Brown, CHOC clinical dietitian. This is also an opportunity to get your kids to learn about nutrition and to teach them a valuable life skill. Sure you may not want your 3-year old using a knife and stirring the pot at the stove, but you can certainly get them to help out with washing the fruit and vegetables. Check out some of these kid-friendly recipes for your next meal.

10. Keep Dancing

What better way to lift your kids’ spirits then by dancing. Put some happy music on and get them moving. We all know that rigorous movement releases serotonin also known as the happy hormone. So get everyone out of a slump and have a dance party.

These are trying times for every parent, mentally and physically it is also challenging on you and your kids but try your best to be optimistic. This may be our new normal for now but you are not in it alone. Make the best of this time with your kids while you can.