Cultivating A Positive Morning Routine

[ R. Alexandra de Silva ]

“Take excellent care of the front end of your day, and the rest of your day will pretty much take care of itself.” – Robin Sharma”

Getting your morning kick-started on the right foot can positively impact the rest of your day. Although I have to admit that this isn’t always the easiest. I know many of us have likely been functioning off the routine of constantly hitting snooze over and over again convincing ourselves that, “5 more minutes” would make the day better but it never does. Whether you are a parent managing a family or even an individual living a busy life I’m sure you can identify with this feeling.

Picture how different your life would be on the off chance that you had a positive morning schedule that guaranteed, a decent day! A positive morning routine does not have to be anything complicated, it simply needs to enable you to kick start your day in the right direction. Here are some simple steps that I have applied in my morning routine that has made a massive difference in my day

“Wake Up Early”

This is easier said than done. I know from personal experience that the belief that I couldn’t sleep early was somewhat of a lie I told myself. To wake up early I needed to first sleep early and that meant being intentional and disciplined the night before by putting away my devices and not scrolling through my phone. This is the first and most important key to starting a good day.

“Reflection Time”

Start your day with gratitude and positive affirmations. Don’t let the worry of what hasn’t happened creep in and ruin your day. Use this time to reflect on what’s going right in life and be grateful. Maybe even stand in front of the mirror and affirm yourself and the day ahead of you with statements like “Today is a good day” or “Today I am excited and full of life”. They may sound silly at first but eventually, it will become your new norm. If looking in the mirror is too much try journaling these thoughts out whatever you choose to do let your focus be positive. These are simple reflection exercises that I have adopted and they bring me so much joy.

“Get Moving”

Breaking a sweat in the morning is an excellent way to give yourself a boost of energy and helps you prepare for your day ahead. For me what I love is doing a quick HITT workout online or even jumping on Zoom with a few friends and working out there. If working out indoors is not for you consider going for a long walk, a run in nature or even doing yoga. All you need to do is to get moving and believe me you will reap the benefits, less stress, more energy, mental clarity, improved sleep and so much more.

Meditate This is probably one of my favourites to do every morning. Allowing myself to just sit in silence for a few minutes, to just breathe and take in the day. Giving time and focus to the present helps shape my perspective on life. Meditating has thought me how to release my negative thoughts and feelings and has encouraged me to be more self-aware and patient throughout my day with myself and with others.