Switching Up Your Workout Routines During COVID-19


[ By R. Alexandra ]

Are you missing your routines and gym sessions? Are you frustrated with the movement control, the lockdowns, and the quarantines? I know I am! This year has had its moments of extreme frustrations for all of us in some shape or form. Having the motivation to exercise and move has certainly proven difficult. But now, more then ever, is when we need it most. Exercising is crucial to the stability of our physical and mental health, as it significantly impacts the disquiet that we may be experiencing in this difficult time.

Depending on where you are in the world your access to exercise may vary but that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. It simply means you got to be adventurous and try something new. Here are some different ways you can keep moving in these uncertain times.

Outdoor Workouts

If you have the luxury of exercising outdoors at the moment don’t miss out make the best of it. Schedule an early morning run or bike ride at the park. You can even walk around the neighbourhood with your dog or your family. If leaving your compound is still a restriction in your area, try taking up a new hobby like gardening. Whatever you do try and get as much fresh air and sunshine as possible.

At-Home HITT

At-home workouts are all over the internet, YouTube has got you covered. If you need guidance for your home workout routines, there are heaps of trainers you can look into. Becca Louise happens to be one of my favourites. She provides you with intense, no fuss HITT workouts guaranteed to get you to feel the burn. HITT workouts are designed to help you get the same health benefits as other exercises but in a shorter time frame, try one out.

Indoor Walks

You probably think what on earth am I talking about? How dull is indoor walking? I might as well give up now…but please don’t! If doing a HITT workout is too intense and walking around in circles is too boring check out, Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone. My sister and I got my mom who’s in her 60’s hooked and she now even found an accountability buddy and they swap post-workout pics to encourage each other. These workouts are designed with simple steps but still elevates the heart rate to get the blood pumping.

Zoom With Friends

If you are missing the social part of going to the gym, try organizing a workout session over Zoom. My friend Paul who’s a frequent gym-goer posted a few of his home workouts during the MCO on Instagram and it just blew up. He had a bunch of people asking if they could jump in on his workouts and now there are close to 70 people locally and internationally who participate in different sessions throughout the week. Paul now runs up to 3 sessions a day to accommodate as many people as possible. This has been a huge help to many of us and we have all become a little team keeping each other mentally sane and motivated through this confusing time.

Move With The Flow

With so much uncertainty in the world, I know being confined at home can come with a lot of anxiety, and doing a pumped-up workout may not be ideal for you. However Yoga might be exactly what you need to clear and calm your mental space. The American Psychological Association has stated that “Yoga has many positive benefits such as improving the symptoms of depression, attention deficit, hyperactivity, and even sleep disorders”. Even if yoga was not something you enjoyed before it might be exactly what you need now. And if yoga is too slow-paced checkout ‘Flow training by Mike Chang,‘ he combines a few different practices and keeps things simple for everyone to follow no matter the age group. These practices can be done indoors, outdoors, or even somewhere in-between like your balcony.

Just Move

And if all the above stuff is just too structured then just get up and move. Put some of your favourite music on and make household chores part of your exercise routine. Now is probably the best time to do a spring clean get the clutter out in your house. You could even switch things up and learn a ‘Tik Tok’ dance, believe me, they may look easy but you will break out a sweat, I know from personal experience. Why not schedule a weekly social dance party with family and friends, over Zoom. Just get up and move you won’t regret it.